Immigration and Social Justice Service Organizations

Service organizations working to further immigration, human rights, and belonging. Resources on the topics of immigration, child detention, climate migration, history, and trauma.

A campaign hub for organizations working at the intersection of racial justice and Wall Street accountability

Volunteers in San Diego trying to find missing migrants in the desert

Mission to bring about a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of life for Latino immigrant communities living in the United States and across the Americas.

Organizing for equity and justice for women farmworkers

Legal support

(trauma to children 3/13/17)

History, economics, humanitarian protection, business, workforce, etc. US Citizen Children Impacted by Immigration Enforcement.

Migration and Refugee Crisis

Amnesty International

Accompanying migrants at border

Youth Development, Human Rights, Arts Education serving Puerto Rican and other Latino youth

An extension of the Sanctuary Movement to help refugees and migrants not go to prisons and detention centers

To facilitate education, organizing and participation of marginalized border communities for human and civil rights

(Peace Lutheran Church) Las Cruces, NM

2/4/18 Support of Immigrant and Refugee Students "Trainer of Trainers" Workshop

A bookstore, art gallery and community resource center in the borderland region of New Mexico operated by Denise Chávez. Article (2020) in New Mexico Magazine.

Advocacy group with resources

High-quality legal consultation, referral and representation

Resources for Resistance

Violence, Development and Migration Waves: Evidence from Central American Child Migrant Apprehensions - research paper 7/27/17)

3/1/18 report "Our Children's Fear: Immigration Policy's Effects on Young Children"

Dedicated to healing survivors

Boston Community organization

Research from UCLA (law enforcement policy effect) ; (Immigration Enforcement Policy: Its impact on Teaching and Learning)

Working to end migrant death and related suffering on the US–Mexican border

A bilingual site for educators and families of English language learners. Featured Resource School Registration: ELLs and Immigrant Students

Free online courses for refugees

Non-violent movement organization

Translates in English to "watershed of the springs" and newsletter Ciénago translates to wetlands. Dedicated to protect, restore, and rewild the arid border grasslands.

And (community bond fund) Fronterizo Fianza Fund

Immigration Detention 101: US is world's largest immigration detention system. History:

DMRS Family based immigration services, legal clinic

Youth empowerment, funding for young immigrants

To make powerful change come to Florida

(Roadmaps to end child detention August 2018); (6/26/18); (comparative report 22 countries child immigration detention June 2018);;;; (video); (Nov.2017) Youth Ambassador video artwork; (end child detention short video Mariane Quintao) 2015 There are Alternatives to unnecessary immigrant detention)

An initiative that calls on every campus around the world to host and assist a refugee family on campus

Arizona legal services

(2017) report "They Tried to Kill Us All" Atrocity Crimes against Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, Myanmar

(short history of immigration detention); (glossary of immigration terms); (alternative accompaniment program)

Music education

Did research on displacement of 135 million people by 2045 due to land degradation and desertification

(August 2018) Index ranking government treatment of migrant children ; (June, 2018) protecting the next generation; also Immigration Initiative at Harvard

Nonprofit grassroots humanitarian organization

Tool kits, resources, DACA questions, etc.

Founded in 1881 originally to assist Jews fleeing pogroms now assists non-Jewish refugees and works to counter hatred, bigotry, and xenophobia.

Protecting refugee families

You Don't have Rights Here:; I Still Need You: The Detention and Deportation of CA Parents (2017)

Faith-based group which maintains a system of water stations in the Sonoran Desert on routes used by migrants making the perilous journey here on foot

Child migration

Access to justice by leveraging the resources of NYC legal community

Oppose the Detention of Children and Families an initiative of American Immigration Council, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and American Immigrant Representation Project

A Global Alliance to End Child Immigration Detention; 5/15/18 Child Rights; (short video with Mariane)

Autonomous organ of the Organization of American States (OAS) to protect human rights

Free course and many resources, tool kit in English and Spanish. Annual Report: July 2017-June 2018 ; (12/20/18) Global Compact; (7/11/18 Global Compact for Safe Orderly and Regular Migration); There are Alternatives: Africa (to detention) –;;

Psychosocial Centre

12/16/16 Discussion with experts on migrants rights

(The UN Migration Agency). Migration and Climate Change (2018); (Senegal's migrant returnees become storytellers 10/11/18) (migrant deaths remain high 2/6/18)

Mobilizes legal resources to advocate for refugees and displaced people to find pathways to safety

High-quality, low-cost immigration legal services and citizenship assistance in 23 cities across the United States

Based in Toronto, Canada

Legal rights

Fighting for democracy, justice, and the future of our nation

2016 pamphlet

Building social impact initiatives focused on immigrant integration, employment, access to technology, and education

Latino Legal Voice

Italian humanitarian boat which rescues migrants at sea

Quick facts: What you need to know about the Syria crisis

Global migration stories series

Supporting Vulnerable Students in Stressful Times; Supporting Marginalized Students -

(8/28/18 webinar) Winning in the States Initiative webinar Defending Safe Spaces in Schools; (DACA update 8/3/18); (webinar 4/17/18) Public Charge, DACA, & Other Immigrants’ Rights, DACA update 1/1/18 (you tube); DACA student testimonies -; webinar 9-7-17; pdf of webinar power point

Formed to protect progressive voice and full participation of Korean and Asian Americans


Emergency funds for COVID-19 and more

An immigrants' rights organization based in NY

(Dream Act)

Legal and medical professionals unite launching open letter campaign around safety of migrant children and unaccompanied minors

Pamphlet to help immigrant parents separated from children

NGO to aid migrants and refugees on the move- caravan from Honduras

Coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking, and commerce

Help refugees find lasting solutions through self-reliance, resettlement, and other pathways to safety such as family reunification and labor mobility opportunities

Working with asylum seekers and refugees fleeing violence and persecution

The Sanctuary Restaurants Movement spearheaded by restaurateurs with support from Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) and Presente, envisioned a different world where communities protect each other

Provides free legal services to immigrants and runs the Trans Gender Parole Project; video (2019) How to Support Migrants,

New Mexico group dedicated to building community

Pro-bono legal representation to detained immigrants in Deep South (volunteers needed) - connected to SPLC; (legal case detention center conditions forced labor)

(2018 video) One year after Charlottesville: Ten ways to Fight Hate; (2017 pdf.); SPLC Hate in the White House- February, exposing the alt-right anti-immigrant organizations (CIS and FAIR)

Protect yourself and know your rights

Enabling refugees to become entrepreneurs in host countries

(12/18/20) DACA is Back - resources to apply and financial aide, etc.

Children on the Move: Data Brief Key Facts and Figures (2018) ; Unaccompanied Minors: Humanitarian Situation at the US Border; International Convention on Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families: Convention on the Rights of the Child (Nov. 2017 No. 3 & No. 4),, Mariane Quintão Testifies at Session on UN Compacts (June 2017); What was Syria Like Before the War?; Women on the Run -; (7/11/16 Refugee or Migrant?);(downloadable reports - Oct. 2015) Brian Hansford Senior Public Infor Officer 202 243 7623, Chris Bolan, Public Info Officer:, Global Trends: World at War (2014) - Forced Displacement (2015) download,; Guidelines on Determining the Best Interests of the Child:; Field Handbook for Implementation of UNHCR BID Guidelines 2011:

Advancing the rights and lives of those who have been forcibly and voluntarily uprooted

YES! Youth Empowered in the Struggle Grassroots organization in Wisconsin

(also see Teacher Guides Resource List) Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas (resources and fact sheets); (6/15/20) Beyond the Wall: Borders Should Not Be Barriers to Human Rights video; with the Sheller Center for Social Justice resources for attorneys representing asylum seekers from Central America: Annotated Table of Contents Project; (10/22/18) Central American Caravan; advocacy for human rights; (10/12/18 Archbishop Oscar Romero Declared a Saint - Honoring his call for justice) ; (8/28/18 National shame: The Trump Administration's Separation and Detention of Migrant Families);(asylum seekers 8/2/18); (protest letter to Sessions - July 2018); (Venezuela's migration -July 2018); (zero tolerance report);; (resources);; (wall); (asylum seekers) (myths about migration) (Why Central Americans are fleeing); Refugees and Migrants; (10/27/17 Tracking Historic Human Rights cases in El Salvador)

A volunteer-based group of community members (in Michigan) committed to advocating for immigrant rights, sends out alerts about ICE and CBP operations and raids, and changes in immigration law

(8/28/18) webinar Defending Safe Spaces in Schools

Champion for rights and best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children


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