Downloadable appendices for the Borders to Bridges curriculum.

Appendix A - Pre- and Post-Activity Questions

Pre-Activity Questions

Appendix B - Bridge 3-2-1 Pre- and Post-Activity Exercise

(Courtesy of Harvard Graduate School of Education Project Zero)

Appendix C - Timeline

U.S. and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras Timeline


(Additional: “When We Were Young There Was a War” and Teaching for Change, 2018, Developed in collaboration with Find additional resources at:

Appendix D - Brief Bibliography

Brief bibliography for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

Appendix E - Immigration Fact Sheet & How Refugee Resettlement Works

Definitions of Immigrant, Asylum Seeker, Refugee, Undocumented Immigrant, DACA and DREAMers; charts and quick statistics from the International Institute of Minnesota, the Immigrant Learning Center, and the Sanders Institute.

Appendix G - Advocacy for Immigration

Advocacy for Immigration

Appendix H - Approaches to Broders to Bridges Materials

Suggested approaches to Borders to Bridges materials: the “Arts-Based Creativity Approach to Transformative Learning ABC Approach,” TBA, in the Borders to Bridges Social Justice Manual for Educators; also see Re-imagining Migration, a resource organization that collaborates with others to build a framework for lesson planning.


(Courtesy of Re-imagining Migration and Learning Arc)


Story of Migration Shared Experience as Humans


Project Zero

(Project Zero)


Migration Ucla

Appendix I - How to be a Global Thinker

(Courtesy of author Verónica Boix Mansilla)

Appendix J - U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 17 (SDGs)

Appendix K - Antiracist Resources