Engage students with project ideas and activities using interview techniques, role-play, creative writing, economic analysis, scientific exploration, historical and political research, mural painting, service learning, music, dance, and graphic arts.

Artist Zarai Zaragoza - Borders to Bridges
Angel Over Basketball Court - Artist Gabriel DaSilva
Hug Heart - Artist Gabriel DaSilva
Artist Janice Frame - Cover image for Borders to Bridges
Watercolor Indigenous Mazateca - Fátima Ronquillo Jarrillo
Jazz Artwork - Washington Ledesma
Zarai Zaragoza - Heart Artwork Signed
Artist Tina Medina - They Didn't Know They Were Seeds
Tina Medina Barreras/Barriers - Flag Felt Thread
Tina Medina - Vuelan, vuelan... mixed media
Santi Palacios artwork - Borders to Bridges - Imagination Through Images
Artist Althea Freeman-Miller - My Guiding Mag Light
Artist Emiliano Campobello - Mother and Child in Guatemala
Photo by Polyanne Veloso in Identities: Ruptures & Permanence
Sculptor Barney Zeitz - Immigrant memorial in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Photo by Keri Pickett - Indigenous Vision for a Sustainable Future
Amado M. Peña Jr. - Mestizo - Screen print on paper
Artist Jessica Herrera - A Story for a Child
Artist Sculptor Barney Zeitz - Fall River Government Center Diversity Sculpture
Brick mural - Winona LaDuke - HonorEarth Indigenous Vision for a Sustainable Future
Artist Zarai Zaragoza - Borders to Bridges
Pawlet Brookes, MBE - Black Women in Dance - Stepping out of the Barriers
Artist Roseline de Thélin - Borders to Bridges - Dreamwork Empowerment
Creadores de Conciencia en el Círculo de Bellas Artes
Art and Resistance through Education
Activism mural lesson plan - Borders to Bridges
Rodrigo - La Luna / The Moon - Borders to Bridges
Luke - El Mendigo / The Beggar - Borders to Bridges
Kim - Vietnamese Moon - Borders to Bridges
Asoka - Yoruba Moon - Borders to Bridges
Luisina - Argentinian Moon - Borders to Bridges
Ebru - Turkish Moon - Borders to Bridges
Carlos Spottorno - Salla Finland 2016 Afghan Family
Artist Sculptor Bruno Catalano - Frament II sculpture in Venice
Artist photographer Leo Frame - Miles Davis 1971 photograph
Artist Ellen G. Levine - Borders to Bridges painting
Unknown Tepehuán Artist - Yarn painting
Huichol Artist José Benitez Sánchez - Borders to Bridges
Huichol Artist Julio de la Cruz Días - Borders to Bridges
Artist Janice Frame - African disapora
Artist Irisz Lihua Zhuang - Gazing - Borders to Bridges
Artist Justen Ahren - Graffiti outside Moria Camp in Lesvos, Greece
Artist Joanna Wroblewska - Illegal Raven
Artist Jessica Herrera - History - Borders to Bridges
Artist Janice Frame - Borders to Bridges
Artist Gabriel DaSilva - Small - Borders to Bridges
Artist Ellen G. Levine - Borders to Bridges
Artist Ellen G. Levine - Collage - Borders to Bridges
Santi Palacios - Imagination through Images - Borders to Bridges